Chapter 5- Summing up the Story

The Story is a condensed chronological Bible, and in our church-wide journey through it we’re going to discover how our story fits into God’s story. 

Act1slideChapter 5- New Commands; New Covenant

This Week- Read Chapter 5 in The Story or Exodus 19-20, 24-25, 32-34, 40

Big Idea: God gives his laws and commandments to free us, protect us, and show us his love… not to take away our fun and ruin our lives.

Did you miss Sunday’s Sermon? Check it HERE

3 things we need to know about the law.

     1) God insists that His people live by a set of guidelines.

2) Not honoring these values has a remarkably dark effect on our culture.

     3) God’s Laws are Good


– Put God first (over family, security, time, finances etc.) Is anything coming between you and God?

– Trust Jesus- the one who has kept all the law perfectly. Have you trusted Jesus as Lord and Savior? What is stopping you?

Parents Pages (use these for family devotions, discussions and activities)

Finding our story in God’s story,


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