Are you crazy?

Are you fasting with us today (going without food)? Are you crazy? While much of the world knows what it’s like to be ‘hungry’, often times in our culture it is a completely foreign idea. As a church today we are fasting to seek God in our life. Some of us need to make changes, need to make decisions, or need some doubts resolved. Some things we’ve been saying are:

– When we fast we are saying God is more important than the basic necessities of life.

– Fasting will not make God love us any more, but it will help us love God more.

So if you’re fasting, spend extra time in the Scriptures, and in prayer as we seek God. Fill your ‘eating time’ with God. Feast away. In Matthew 4:4 Jesus says (when he was fasting and tempted), ‘Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.’

Drink plenty of water. And remember what you are fasting for.

Check these articles out by Dean Trune from Impact Ministries International: Fasting_and_Joy


Are you crazy? Yep, we are crazy for a God that’s crazy about us.

CF is for lovers!


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