Hey Christ’s Fellowship, stay safe during the Snowpocalypse! If you’re out from work, school, or whatever it is you normally do on a week day: Take video of yourself doing one of these and tag us on Facebook or send an email to We’ll repost them and maybe even show it on Sunday!

Top 10 Things To Do During Snowpocalypse 2014

10: Instead of angels, make snow cupids, in your shorts.

09: Make a snow man, with dad in the center & his head sticking out saying, “I just love the snowpocalypse!”

08: Have a snowball fight with yourself… and lose.

07. Make a snow fort and crush it like a bad godzilla movie (bad voice overs included)

06: Build a wall of snow and break through it like the guys coming thru the tunnel at the super bowl yelling, “OMAHA!!!”

05: Set up a lemonade stand in your summer clothes and get your neighbors to buy some.

04: Get our your old boogie board and use the snow to give us your best Point Break, Johnny Utah impression on the snow waves.

03: Build the tallest snowman in the history of two inches of snowfall and tackle it like a linebacker!

02: Grab some friends and do a flashmob in someone’s lawn to “Roar” by Katy Perry. 

01: Get your mom & dad to dance in the snow in their summer gear singing, “Summer Lovin'” from Grease. 

Don’t forget, tag CF in your post or email your video. BE SAFE AND HAVE FUN!


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these are some of my adventures in following Jesus, loving my wife, raising my boys, and serving a church
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