8 Ways To ‘get your serve on’ at CF

Christ’s Fellowship is kept running by so many people who serve. Serving doesn’t have to be daunting or draining, it can be fun but most importantly you can help CF point people towards Jesus.

While we are always looking for people to serve in every area, here are some new opportunities as well as some much needed areas:

1) Wear a neon vest and help park cars. People’s experience starts the second they pull on our property, and we want them to have a good experience… and we don’t want anyone to get run over.

2) Be a Teachers Assistant in our Lower Elementary Class. While the risk is great, the reward is greater. Help point our kids towards Jesus.

3) Be a teachers assistant for our 2-3 year old class on Sunday mornings. Again great risk, great reward.

4) Make Coffee as part of our Hospitality team. If you really need people to love you then this is a job for you.

5) Come in the office on Thursday or Friday to get the bulletins ready for Sunday. 

6) Take pictures and/or videos at events, activities and baptisms. Are you gifted or passionate about this? We’d love for you to help capture some of these moments and help us in sharing these moments.

7) Make sure the building is clean for our Sunday services. Join a team of 2-3 people and your group will be in the monthly rotation.

8) Greeting people and holding the door for people who are coming in and out of church. Warning: someone might give you a hug.

If you are able and interested to start serving in any of these areas (or other areas), please contact me at: aaron@cfisforlovers and I’d love to get you connected.

Loving God. Loving People. Impacting the world for Christ.

About aaroncross

these are some of my adventures in following Jesus, loving my wife, raising my boys, and serving a church
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