What’s Next for CF’s Worship?

We had an incredible Sunday last week as we joined together to ‘love God’. Most of you know this but we said ‘bye’ to Mike and Erin Twine as it was Mike’s last Sunday as our worship minister. It is a big transition for CF and some of you have asked ‘what’s next for CF?’ or at least you are wondering that.

At Christ’s Fellowship, one of the things we’ve always valued is having quality music for our worship time. The truth is, when ‘unchurched’ people come through our doors, one of the first things they will experience is our worship team, so we want it to be good.   It’s a huge first impression that helps open the door for who CF is, and more importantly for who God is. We want people to connect with the music so they will connect with the message of the music. Mike has done a great job with that.


So what is next for CF? For the next season our worship ministry is being held together by several volunteers that have stepped up. I can tell you this, God has provided us with a number of talented people who have the ability and passion to lead others in worship. I can also tell you this, for some of them this is a step of faith. Stepping up to be used by God in new ways is often scary and takes us out of our comfort zone.

On Sundays for this next season of church life you will experience familiar faces taking the helm to help lead us in worshipping our God together.

Even through transitions and change, we hold to making those great first impressions to those who are ‘checking church out’, and creating experiences for us to grow in our love for God.

Remember this Sunday we have one service at 10:10am. I want to remind you committed people to take the worst parking (on the far side of the building), and take the least popular seats (up front) to make room for our guests so they can have a good experience and more importantly a God experience. As Jesus said about himself,

For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost. Luke 19:10

We want to join Jesus in that rescue mission by pointing people towards Jesus. Everything you do helps impact someone else’s experience.

CF is for lovers!


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these are some of my adventures in following Jesus, loving my wife, raising my boys, and serving a church
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