Getting Plugged In

As a guitarist I used to play a lot of gigs in a former life. I had a trademark… I would plug in the power supply to my amplifier, connect all my effects pedals, plug in my guitar, tune up and like clockwork I wouldn’t get any sound to come out of my amp. Why? Because I always forgot to plug my guitar into the amp. No matter how many other things I did, sound will not come out of my amp if I don’t get plugged in. It became a joke with the guys I use to play with, they expected it.

Things happen when you get plugged in. 


We believe getting plugged in is crucial for our church too. The truth is Christ’s Fellowship doesn’t exist without so many people serving. We’ve been so blessed to have a number of volunteers and volunteer leaders to hold so many things together. As we look to the future and continue impacting our world for Christ. Things happen when you get plugged in by serving.

  1. You are allowing yourself, your time, abilities to be used by God for His glory.
  2. You are joining in with the body to help people love God, love people and impact our world for Christ. We are in this together.

In the Bible, Paul is talking about the Church and compares it to a body.

“Just as a body, though one, has many parts, but all its many parts form one body,so it is with Christ.” 1 Corinthian 12:12

We are many people with different talents, different personalities and different God given gifts that can be used for His glory and impacting this world.

Here are the ministries that we are trying to get more people plugged in to.

  • CF Kid’s- teach or assist with our elementary and younger kids
  • CF Students- teach or assist with our 6th-12th graders
  • Tech Team- run lights, sound, or our presentation computer
  • Home Team- Help peolple have a great experience by making coffee, greeting, holding doors, directing traffic and helping with info.
  • Facilities Team- regular cleaning crew, maintenance, repairs
  • Prayer Team- meets first Tuesdays for group prayer, pray regularly for submitted prayer requests

You can sign-up online HERE or you can sign up in the Lobby on Sunday. Let me challenge you to ‘try it out’. We’d love to help get you plugged in. Things happen when you get plugged in.

CF is for lovers!



About aaroncross

these are some of my adventures in following Jesus, loving my wife, raising my boys, and serving a church
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